DISPENSE LINE SANITISER - Keeps dispense lines sanitised during prolonged periods of inactivity. The powerful food-safe RBT Viridis technology eats into biofilm removing the areas that harbour pathogens, preventing any build up of spoiling organisms. Suitable for temperatures above zero desires centigrade. This product is non-corrosive.

TAP & KEG SANITISER - Tap & Keg Sanitiser is suitable for use on all Dispense System Taps, Nozzles and Connectors giving longer lasting protection.

SANITISING TABLETS X 100 - For sparkling sparklers, super spouts and generally good hygiene practice. Add one Sanitising Tablet to one pint of cold water each evening for daily sanitisation of sparklers, post-mix and nitro-keg spouts. Contents: 100 x 0.35g tablets.

Full Cellar Shut Down Kit