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We specialise in providing the hospitality industry  with professional advice and guidance on a range of products and services.

If you need to engage a partner that you can trust then get in touch today on 0800 228 9650.

We are happy to work with you on a range of solutions to maximize your bottom line and reduce back office administration. We will guide and advise you as an extension of your business team in order to provide the best possible service.

It is important that you choose a business consultancy equipped with the skills necessary to negotiate the right price for  your business. Too many business operators have experienced a combination of poor service and high prices from brokers/service providers who follow a short term approach. If you have found that you have been using multiple brokers over a number of years we would encourage you to try something different.  

Our long term approach means lower margins in the short term but overall we transact higher levels of business with our clients over time. It is in our interest to get you the right deal every time. A relationship built on trust is one that lasts. 


PuB Utility has the skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver a professional job. With PuB Utility you are choosing a leading operator in the industry, with a reputation for consistent delivery. You are selecting a company that can provide value to your business helping you to stay  successful.

Specialist in Gas, Electric, Card Machines, Beer Lines Cleaning, Beer waste Reduction, Business Insurance, Business Funding, Web Design.

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