At PuB Utility our direct relationship with a wide range of suppliers enables us to guarantee the best rates in the market. Having provided energy solutions for over 10 years now we understand how important the right deal is for you.

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Energy deals for pubs & licensed premises. Utilitywise specialise in providing electricity & gas for pubs and licensed premises, with a wide range of bespoke energy deals. ... Your company is in receivership and was refused an electricity or gas contract.

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In short, don’t be afraid to switch business energy deals. It's actually easier than you think, and with new rules recently introduced it's never been simpler to switch. One final tip - don't assume that you can only use the 'Big Six'. While E.ON, npower, British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF Energy account for the lion's share of the UK's energy market, there are now many smaller suppliers out there that are offering fantastic rates.

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Energy costs can be one of your biggest outgoings, so it is important that the right deal is struck from day one and prices are locked in for as long as possible.

Many brokers will repeatedly sell 1-year contracts to maximize commission.

We believe in recommending the right contract at the right price even if that means we earn less.

Our understanding of the market also allows us to provide energy solutions for all our clients regardless of their credit history.

We have direct relationships with the following energy providers - 

What are the different types of business energy tariffs and contracts?

Searching for a new business contract can be time consuming especially with all the different types of contracts available.

The table below shows the different types of business energy contracts available to businesses including their features and benefits.

The needs of your business and how it operates will dictate which type of contract you will go for. Speak to one of our specialist advisers for help in selecting the right contract for you.


Generally, a fixed contract is recommended for most businesses as this allows certainty helping you to budget your business costs.

Elements of a business energy contract

During the quoting process it is important to understand the specific features of the contract.

Unit rates 

Keeping your unit rate as low as possible is your number one goal when agreeing a new contract. This indicates how much you will pay per unit of energy that your business uses.

Your quote will vary depending on your business usage and even geographical location.

Standing charge 

These are fixed daily charges that suppliers use to cover minimal costs on providing energy. Again, these need to be as low as possible to ensure your overall monthly bills are kept to a minimum.

Be careful, as some low unit rate quotes can come with high daily standing charges.

Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC)

This is the amount of energy your new supplier will estimate you will require to operate your business over the year. Dependent on how much energy you need will dictate what rates are available.

If your business uses lots of energy the supplier will Agree Supply Capacity which means they will guarantee you the amount of energy you need. But this is only required for large business and organisations like hospitals.

Your EAC will be calculated using your current bills and will also be crossed referenced from the national database. This is useful as it gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect over the year allowing you to budget accordingly.

Cooling-off period 

Most business deals do not offer a cooling off period (this is the option of cancelling a contract within a certain amount of days after it is agreed). This includes when you have agreed to the contract over the telephone.


The billing periods 

This is the time period over which your bills will be calculated, and your will be expected to pay. Most commonly these are monthly, and you pay by direct debit, this is usually encouraged by a direct debit discount.

However, you can pick a billing period of every quarter (3 months) or even half yearly.

Renewal window 

This is the window of time form which you will need to either renew with your current provider or look to move to another provider. If you do not this within your renewal period, you may enter into ‘Out of Contract Rates’ which should be avoided if possible.

Normally your renewal period is between 60 – 120 days before your contract end date (CED), the is the date your contracted cease and ‘Out of Contract Rates’ of applied.

What to do when your business energy contract ends

Normally your current supplier will send you a letter detailing their offer of a new deal. If you don’t act and either accept this deal or negotiate a new one with another provider, you will automatically move onto your current providers ‘Out of Contract’ rates which will generally be more expensive.


Getting out of your business energy contract early

It is very unlikely you will be able to get out of your current contract early unless you satisfy one of the following -

  • If you go out of business and cease operating.

  • If you move into a new business premises.


Always contact your supplier to inform them of the above to avoid any unnecessary additional costs.

Does my business credit score affect my eligibility for business energy tariffs?

Yes – different providers will accept different levels of risk. If your business has poor credit or even CCJ’s there are still providers who will supply you.

Speak to one of our advisers who will be able to help you get connected in the event of bad/poor credit. We can even help you build up your credit rating with providers to get you the best deals.

If you have great credit, then you should be able to access the best deals in the market place.

If your business does have a low credit score be prepared for the provider to do the following -  

  • Ask for a security deposit.

  • Insist you pay by direct debit (although some suppliers offer a discount for this arrangement).

  • Install a pre-payment meter.

  • Apply an increased charge on your kWh.

For any more information on the above or if you are looking for a quote please get in touch and speak to one of our advisers. 

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