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Energy deals for pubs & licensed premises. Utilitywise specialise in providing electricity & gas for pubs and licensed premises, with a wide range of bespoke energy deals. ... Your company is in receivership and was refused an electricity or gas contract.

Trusted business energy price comparison specialist in the UK

In short, don’t be afraid to switch business energy deals. It's actually easier than you think, and with new rules recently introduced it's never been simpler to switch. One final tip - don't assume that you can only use the 'Big Six'. While E.ON, npower, British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF Energy account for the lion's share of the UK's energy market, there are now many smaller suppliers out there that are offering fantastic rates.

Switching commercial energy supplies.

Switch and save on your business energy. Compare suppliers online & pick the cheapest. Instant Online Quote. Save On Electricity Costs. Business Energy Solutions. Types: Business Energy, Business Electricity, Business Gas.

Compare Prices Online & Save On Your Commercial Energy. Get A Free Quote Now! Get £1,000 Cashback If We Cannot Beat Your Initial Renewal Quote! Widest Range Of Suppliers. Save Up To £2,100. Independent and Impartial. 100% Free & Independent.

Ofgem rules make it easy for microbusinesses to switch gas & electricity suppliers. Find our more and see how much your micro business could save by switching.

Here are some of the more popular business energy suppliers, so click to find out more if you're thinking of switching to a particular provider. British Gas business. Contract Natural Gas (CNG) Corona Energy. DONG Energy. Dual Energy. EDF Energy. E.ON. Gazprom

Save On Your Commercial Energy. Greener Choices At No Extra Cost. Get A Quote Now. See How Much You Can Save. Low Cost Renewable Energy. Get A Quote In 60 Secs. Hassle Free Switching. Best Price Guarantee.

Energy Procurement & Risk Management With A ROI - Large Company Specialists. Data-Driven Consultants. Save Money On Energy. Energy-Saving Specialists. ROI-Focussed Experts. Large Business Specialist. Services: Energy Saving Systems, Energy Procurement.

Get Your Free No Obligation Quote in Just 60 Seconds & Save Your Business Money! Over £75 Million Saved. 100,000 Businesses Helped. Save Up To £1,350 On Gas. Up To 70% Off Electricity. Types: Business Electricity, Business Gas, Compare Business Energy.



Nationwide energy consultants

Smart energy

Business energy consultants

Business energy brokers

Energy consultants UK

Clean Beer Lines and successful Beer Line Cleaning Procedures generally are the key to consistent, high quality beers served to the customer in the bar, often far removed from the actual beer cellar itself. This involves the wastage of otherwise sound and saleable beer, the use of caustic cleaning materials and a lot of hard work usually on a weekly basis. Fitting BeerSaver6, a Beer Line Cleaner, in your cellar will guarantee you a cleaning cycle of at least four weeks (and often considerably more) resulting in real cash savings, improved net profits, but, most important of all, the highest possible quality of beer in the customer’s glass. The more satisfied the drinker in the bar, the more he will come back for a re-fill!


Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd is the sole owner of the BeerSaver™6 brand including the technology used in its manufacture. CSS Ltd wholly owns the patents and trademarks.

We as a Company are constantly working on new research and development with digital technology, hence the new BeerSaver™6 development, which extends line cleaning cycle from weekly UP TO 4 TO 7 WEEK INTERVALS. TOTALLY NEW DESIGN AND NON INVASIVE SYSTEM, UK manufactured, patented and trademarked. Totally different from the previous BeerSaver that replaced product drop lines in the cellar.

Research has shown that the application of the patented process in BeerSaver™6 works in two ways, which are unique to BeerSaver™6. The patented digital field reduces the rate of deposition of sugars, proteins and yeast on the inner pipe surface. BeerSaver™6 enables long and reliable periods between cleans i.e. 4 weeks up to 7 weeks between line cleans (Subject to cellar conditions and temperatures). The equipment consists of a specifically tuned BeerSaver™6 unit, which is connected to NON-INVASIVE DEVELOPED COILS that slide over the existing beer lines on draught and cask ales.

This system has been developed through 2015 to avoid altering any BREWERY and beer supplier’s cellar fittings.

Follow up from inquiry procedure

A full complimentary cellar survey.

On installation a full line clean on all product lines.

On completion of a 4 week trial a further complimentary line clean is carried out and an evaluation of the condition of the beers is undertaken to evaluate if a 4 week ongoing cycle is possible.

Full support and attention at all times if, and when required, as per our customer care package.

BeerSaver6 operates using a sophisticated, and constantly changing, electromagnetic field to diminish/delay the formation of Biofilm which is the habitat of the microbes which cause the deterioration of beer quality. It also reduces the process of the microbes to bond together and multiply. It achieves this by holding these solids in suspension in the beer line so that there is no residual Yeast Build up to adhere to the walls of the pipe.

The natural processes involved tend to accelerate as temperatures go up so Beer Cellar Temperatures at the correct levels are of paramount importance. Given that the Pub Cellar Temperature is within the optimum limits the BeerSaver6 works well with Free Flow and Metered Systems. Whatever your priorities in running a successful Pub or Bar, from cost savings to improved sales from satisfied drinkers, BeerSaver6 ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it improves your profitability from the day of installation because you do not pay any monthly rent until it has already made savings of up to four times that amount. But, in addition to improving that profitability, in an age where the ecology is of concern to even the most hardened member of the beer drinking community, the longer cleaning cycles mean that less water is used and less harmful waste gets into the sewage system. BeerSaver6 is proven to be one of the most Environmentally Friendly of all Beer Cellar solutions!

Benefits of the BeerSaver6 System

Clean on a 4-7 Week Schedule

Non Invasive Coils – Without Disrupting Brewery Or Beer Suppliers’ Equipment

No Upfront Costs

Savings From Week One

Full Complimentary Line Clean On Installation

Affordable Rental

Ongoing Customer Care and Support

Win, Win For All!




Reducing Hazardous Cleaner Usage, Water Usage Reduction, Reducing Companies Carbon Footprint


Almost 4500 pubs across the UK are now signed up to Beertech – taking advantage of our innovative money saving products, particularly our Flowmaster System which delivers:

INCREASED PROFIT – cleaning on a 3-week cycle and able to sell the beer they would normally waste

BEER QUALITY – Not only does Beertech support continued Beer Quality between cleans, but many of our customers have commented on an improvement in Beer Quality because of how the Flowmaster System functions (check how it works)

TIME BACK TO YOU – Its simple. Less Beer cleans equals more time back to you.

From groups like Greene King to many other groups, free houses, working men’s clubs and sports clubs, Beertech delivers for a range of businesses who are seeing a significant return on their investment.

Flow master.

Beer Line Cleaning Service

Beer Line Cleaning

Professional beer pipe cleaning services available, we can set up a regular contract to come and clean your beer lines.

We can also give a one off blitz clean to remove any hardened yeast that normal line cleaning solutions can struggle to remove.

Beer line cleaner supplied by us


Keep Your Draft Lines Clean

Draft lines are easy to clean, and there’s no reason to not just do it as soon as the keg kicks.

Beer and Brewing


Full clear

Clean Beer Lines Just Once a Month! 70% Less Waste. 70% More Profit. Clean Lines Once a Month. Non-Toxic & Non-Corrosive. 70% Savings & More Profit. Services: Beer Line Cleaner, Connector Spray, Glass Cleaner, Nozzle Solution.

StayClean Beerpipe & Beer Line Systems

 Reliable, effective monthly beer line cleaning. StayClean DigiSine beer line cleaning system generates electro magnetic waves which prevent yeast molecules ..Micals and increase the profit in every barrel you sell.

ut down costs. Increase Profits

Change your line cleaning schedule to once every 28 days with absolutely no difference to beer quality.

Reduce your line cleaning costs by 75%.

Every month, that’s 75% less wastage on beer, water, cleaning chemicals and labour.

Fit & Forget.

Fitted with an integrated computer circuit, the StayClean unit produces a digital signal, ensuring ultra reliable, constant performance.

Manufactured in the West Midlands, using highest quality components.

Water resistant, shock proof, corrosion resistant and completely impervious to dust particles.

Less Work. Same Results

Let StayClean do the work for you.

De yeasting and maintaining beer line clarity, day after day.

Clean your beer lines just once a month, instead of weekly; same chemicals, same practice – just less often.

Peace of mind. Guaranteed.

5 year performance guarantee with free replacement parts and servicing.

Outstanding customer service – available from 8am to 11pm.

Installed by qualified, experienced technicians.

Low running costs. Powered by a low cost 12v power supply costing as little as £30 per year.

Smart Dispense – Product Info

Smart Dispense Integral/Integral+. 1 or 2 Tap Cost Effective Flexible Dispense. No Line Cleaning. So Smart it only needs cleaning every 13 Weeks. 1 or 2 taps


The SmartDispense system comes with TOTAL SUPPORT from HEINEKEN.

As a SmartDispense customer you will receive a 4-weekly* Quality Service Visit including:

System Service Check & Professional Line Clean

Glassware & Glasswasher Check

Perfect Pour Training

Service Visit Report & Recommendations

Confidence that your draught quality is great

Lynx Purchasing: UK Purchasing Company

Lynx is a UK purchasing company that uses a network of suppliers to get better prices on food and drinks, catering equipment, utilities and other services.

Running a profitable business means maintaining quality and controlling costs. Getting the best price in the market on goods and services helps you better manage costs and get more out of your budget.

But finding and making those deals takes time and expertise in today’s complex buying market. That’s where Lynx can help because saving your business money is our business.

At Lynx, we take a business partnership approach to working with you. We’ll get to know your company, your requirements and your spending before developing a better purchasing process for you. We’ll make sure you are buying the right products from the right suppliers – and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best value.

You will continue to pay suppliers directly as you always have but at better rates that will improve your bottom line.

If you buy from a national wholesaler, we will check the deal you’re getting is at as competitive a price as it can be. We can also get you the best prices on leading branded food and drink, using our extensive buying power.

If local food producers are important to you or you want to buy from regional suppliers, we can also make your budget go as far as possible. We’ll research the best local food distributors and wholesalers and put you in touch with them.

If there’s something missing from your menu or an ingredient your chef wants to cook with, give us a call and ask about our procurement service. We can track down niche and artisan food and drink suppliers as well as specific foodservice products. And if we can’t find it ourselves, we’ll know someone who can.

We can come up with clever cost saving initiatives like switching brands or moving to alternative suppliers, enabling you to cut your costs but not your quality.

Our extensive market knowledge means we can give you an accurate snapshot of the market at any time to help you plan ahead and manage your costs. We’re constantly looking at costs and analysing invoices, so you can be sure you’re buying very competitively if you’re working with us.

Restaurant suppliers

Pub suppliers

Saving you money every day on restaurant supplies.

Every restaurant or cafe has its own special niche. That’s why Lynx develops buying strategies tailored to individual business needs so you keep your chefs happy and control your gross profit margins.

Our category-leading suppliers give you access to high quality produce so teams can plan cost-effective menus without compromising taste or quality. Provenance and full traceability are assured.

Savings achieved on restaurant supplies across a wide range of categories from fresh produce, food staples, drinks and kitchen equipment frees up money to spend where it counts the most – on the customer’s plate


Saving you money every day on pub and bar supplies.

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, independent pub and bar owners need to be able to react quickly with perfectly timed – and priced – promotions.

Lynx can negotiate the best prices for all of your catering and bar equipment from food to beer, wine, soft drinks and essentials from glasses to crockery. That gives you the time to focus on getting the most out of your business and every promotional opportunity.

Use your product savings to increase profit margins, raise quality or extend services and give those chains a run for their money!

Restaurant Food Suppliers - Wholesale Food for Pubs & Restaurants ...

Brakes is the leading restaurant food supplier in the UK, so if you need wholesale food and beverages for your restaurant or pub, get in touch today.


Whether it’s traditional pub food or fine dining, Brakes understands what pubs need in order to thrive as a food business. So whether you require time-saving solutions or scratch cooking ingredients and provenance, we ensure that we are sourcing products with you in mind - so our range reflects the needs and requirements of your kitchen.

We constantly check the market to understand what 'hot trends' are emerging and where we can support you in bringing them to life in your establishment. Through NPD, marketing support and insight we can help you create menus that will differentiate you from the competition and excite your customers.


From building the best breakfast menu to leading the market on food trends, our menu ideas section gives you helpful product suggestions that will help enhance your menu and delight your customers

Cash and carry Bookers Jj food service Brakers Wholesale food, fine foods supplier, distributor online.

Pub Insurance

At Last, Pub Insurance you don’t want to miss out on

Getting Pub Insurance may sound simple, but it’s not always that easy.

Why?   Because Pubs are not the same as they once were.

Pubs are no longer just places you go for a pint and a packet of crisps – modern pubs often double up as Live Music Venues, Restaurants and family friendly places with kids playgrounds where parents can bring their children.

This brand of Pub is often viewed with caution by insurers. Many will not offer cover to venues that host Live Music or DJ’s, charge for entry, employ Door Security, or have Children’s Play.

Here’s some of the stuff we can do for you (and more)...

ALL Types of Pub covered

Full Liabilities included

Buildings & Contents of the Pub

Pubs with Late Licence and Door Security

Slips & Trips fully covered

Remember, not all Pub Insurance is the same.

The wrong Pub Insurance could leave you uninsured and out of pocket.

You need to get it right first time – simply get in touch with one of our Team who will assist and guide you all the way. Titan Insurance.

Pub Insurance

At Last, Pub Insurance you don’t want to miss out on

Getting Pub Insurance may sound simple, but it’s not always that easy.

Why?   Because Pubs are not the same as they once were.

Pubs are no longer just places you go for a pint and a packet of crisps – modern pubs often double up as Live Music Venues, Restaurants and family friendly places with kids playgrounds where parents can bring their children.

This brand of Pub is often viewed with caution by insurers. Many will not offer cover to venues that host Live Music or DJ’s, charge for entry, employ Door Security, or have Children’s Play.

Here’s some of the stuff we can do for you (and more)...

ALL Types of Pub covered

Full Liabilities included

Buildings & Contents of the Pub

Pubs with Late Licence and Door Security

Slips & Trips fully covered

Remember, not all Pub Insurance is the same.

The wrong Pub Insurance could leave you uninsured and out of pocket.

You need to get it right first time – simply get in touch with one of our Team who will assist and guide you all the way.

Zurich – pub and Restaurant.

NetPay Merchant Services Limited

NetPay Merchant Services is an award-winning provider of face to face and online payment services and part of NetPay Solutions Group.

We are NetPay

NetPay are an award-winning payment service provider. Offering a range of face to face, online and over the phone payment services we deliver differentiation through our market leading technology, focusing on the functionality ‘beyond the transaction’. With great service management capability, reporting, insight and analytics NetPay’s flagship Revolution platform supports merchants in taking control of their business, make informed decisions and experience value beyond simply the commodity capability of being able to take a card payment.

NetPay delivers services to great businesses of all sizes, from sole traders through to major brands and principally distributes its capability through a network of partners within a variety of sectors.

Why NetPay?

Award-winning face to face, online and over the phone payment services

Unique payments capability, designed and built by NetPay

Quick setup time, 86% of applications approved within 1 working day

Access to our market leading Revolution reporting, insight and analytics platform

24 x 7 x 365 UK based technical support


Worldpay Merchant Services | UK Leader in Payment Services.‎

Cost-Effective, Fast & Secure. Apply Today! Award Winning. 120+ Currencies Supported. No Joining Fee. Ranked #1 For Reliability. Flexible Pricing Plans. 24/7 Customer Support. PAYG Plans. Types: Merchant Payment Services, Card Payments, Contactless Card Machines.

Card machines

Fast, secure and reliable card machines for your business. Whether you're at the till, on the shop floor or on the move visiting customers.

If you're interested in a card machine on a Pay As You Go package you can receive a quote in minutes. 

In its most specific use, it usually refers to merchant processing services that enables a business to accept a transaction payment through a secure(encrypted) channel using the customer's credit card or debit card or NFC/RFID enabled device. ... Payment gateway. Merchant cash advances. Online transaction processing.

customers to enter their debit or credit card details every-time. ... Can also accept cards online andby phone using their POS software. ... This allows you the greatest amount of flexibility if you want totake card payments .

Receive Funding in 24 Hours, Competitive Rates, No APR or Hidden Fees, No Obligation Quote. Must Take Over £5k Monthly in Card Sales. Get a Free Quote Today! 0% APR. Business Cash Advance. Flexible Repayments. 90% Approval Rate. 24 Hour Approval. Up to £200,000.

Bar Equipment Finance & Pub Finance

Finance for a Bar, Finance for a Pub, Pub Finance, Bar Finance, Bar Equipment Finance

Are you looking for Bar Equipment Finance or Pub Finance?

If there’s one industry that is growing fast, it’s the leisure and entertainment industry, particularly when it comes to bars, wine bars and gastro pubs. Whilst many traditional pubs have struggled to maintain their business in a changing consumer market, a large number of successful bars, wine bars and gastro pubs have been set up and they are succeeding. In a challenging economy, people still enjoy going out for a drink and social settings are a perfect way to enjoy an evening’s entertainment within most people’s budgets.

Whether you are looking at setting up a high-end exclusive cocktail or gin bar, a mid-point gastro pub with a family-friendly feel or a themed Australian bar or student bar with a lower price-point, it’s vital that you access the bar finance you need.

Where to Get Lending? And this is the crunch point for many high-street banks, which have shut up shop to customers needing bar finance or pub finance. Lending is constrained and the market extremely tight and business customers are increasingly heading to specialist providers of the finance solutions they need.

Speak to the Experts Speak to us. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of bar and pub finance, along with a range of finance solutions for businesses looking to extend their operations, grow or move into a new market. We offer flexibility and excellent customer service, with a customer-centric model that is able to match our clients’ diverse needs.

Whether you are looking to extend your bar premises, fund a new pub and refurbish or buy up new premises to extend your chain, we have the finance that you need to succeed. We offer the following benefits:

An incredible 95% acceptance rate on new applications. – A wide range of financing options, from part finance to advances of up to 100% for those businesses that prefer to keep their working capital as accessible as possible. We are also heavily involved in the refinance of existing assets. – We offer a rapid turnaround time, with just three hours to make a finance decision. – A range of flexible repayment options to suit your needs. – No charges on property and land. – We also offer a highly experienced and knowledgeable finance team who can advise you on the right lending products for your business and help you to make the right decision. – Your repayments could be 100% tax-deductible.

We are also able to offer borrowing facilities for restaurants and Hotels.

So don’t delay pick up the phone today and give us a call or complete the web contact form below and we will get back in touch at a time that suits you.

What are the different types of business energy tariffs and contracts?

Searching for a new business contract can be time consuming especially with all the different types of contracts available.

The table below shows the different types of business energy contracts available to businesses including their features and benefits.

The needs of your business and how it operates will dictate which type of contract you will go for. Speak to one of our specialist advisers for help in selecting the right contract for you.

Generally, a fixed contract is recommended for most businesses as this allows certainty helping you to budget your business costs.

Elements of a business energy contract

During the quoting process it is important to understand the specific features of the contract.

Unit rates 

Keeping your unit rate as low as possible is your number one goal when agreeing a new contract. This indicates how much you will pay per unit of energy that your business uses.

Your quote will vary depending on your business usage and even geographical location.

Standing charge 

These are fixed daily charges that suppliers use to cover minimal costs on providing energy. Again, these need to be as low as possible to ensure your overall monthly bills are kept to a minimum.

Be careful, as some low unit rate quotes can come with high daily standing charges.

Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC)

This is the amount of energy your new supplier will estimate you will require to operate your business over the year. Dependent on how much energy you need will dictate what rates are available.

If your business uses lots of energy the supplier will Agree Supply Capacity which means they will guarantee you the amount of energy you need. But this is only required for large business and organisations like hospitals.

Your EAC will be calculated using your current bills and will also be crossed referenced from the national database. This is useful as it gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect over the year allowing you to budget accordingly.

Cooling-off period 

Most business deals do not offer a cooling off period (this is the option of cancelling a contract within a certain amount of days after it is agreed). This includes when you have agreed to the contract over the telephone.


The billing periods 

This is the time period over which your bills will be calculated, and your will be expected to pay. Most commonly these are monthly, and you pay by direct debit, this is usually encouraged by a direct debit discount.

However, you can pick a billing period of every quarter (3 months) or even half yearly.

Renewal window 

This is the window of time form which you will need to either renew with your current provider or look to move to another provider. If you do not this within your renewal period, you may enter into ‘Out of Contract Rates’ which should be avoided if possible.

Normally your renewal period is between 60 – 120 days before your contract end date (CED), the is the date your contracted cease and ‘Out of Contract Rates’ of applied.


What to do when your business energy contract ends

Normally your current supplier will send you a letter detailing their offer of a new deal. If you don’t act and either accept this deal or negotiate a new one with another provider, you will automatically move onto your current providers ‘Out of Contract’ rates which will generally be more expensive.


Getting out of your business energy contract early

It is very unlikely you will be able to get out of your current contract early unless you satisfy one of the following -

  • If you go out of business and cease operating.

  • If you move into a new business premises.


Always contact your supplier to inform them of the above to avoid any unnecessary additional costs.

Does my business credit score affect my eligibility for business energy tariffs?

Yes – different providers will accept different levels of risk. If your business has poor credit or even CCJ’s there are still providers who will supply you.

Speak to one of our advisers who will be able to help you get connected in the event of bad/poor credit. We can even help you build up your credit rating with providers to get you the best deals.

If you have great credit, then you should be able to access the best deals in the market place.

If your business does have a low credit score be prepared for the provider to do the following -  

  • Ask for a security deposit.

  • Insist you pay by direct debit (although some suppliers offer a discount for this arrangement).

  • Install a pre-payment meter.

  • Apply an increased charge on your kWh.

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