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  • Bevi Tab Oxygen sanitising tablets.


Bevi Tab Oxygen is a neutral cleaning and disinfecting agent with active oxygen for tap fittings. Odourless and tasteless Surfactant-free Environmentally friendly, biodegradable Easy handling Easily rinsed off without leaving any residue.

Add one Sanitising Tablet to one pint of cold water each evening for daily sanitisation of sparklers and other tap fittings.


  • Spray Pure 500ml Multi-Purpose Sanitising Spray


Multipurpose sanitising spray that is environmentally friendly, food safe and non-toxic.

It’s hypochlorous acid which is the same chemical your body produces to kill all the nasties that are identified when your body creates an immune response. It kills everything from Covid to E. coli and all bacteria.

To be used on the beer keg connectors when kegs are changed and also on the bar surfaces, table tops and beer taps.

Directions for use: Spray from 20cm apply liberally.

For sanitation leave to dry and allow the solution to take effect. No need to wipe dry as the solutions breaks down into water and evaporates.

For Kegs – Spray directly on to the keg coupler and keg itself where the coupler connects. No need to wipe dry as nontoxic.

For the Bar – Use on all surfaces and back boards, can be sprayed directly onto the fob detectors.

For the cellar – Use on all surfaces and back boards.


Certification –

Nontoxic, eco-friendly solution. Safe for food preparation areas.

BS EN 1276: Certified to kill 99.999% of all bacteria.

Modified BS EN 1276 Method to give a more precise kill rate.

BS EN 13697: Certified as an effective biocide on an array of organisms in dirty conditions.

BS EN 14476: Appendix 2 2019: Certified to kill 99.994% of Coronavirus.

Concentration of Activated Water 100mg/litre.

Active ingredients Hypochlorite, active chlorine.

Shelf Life – Use within 4 weeks for best results.


  • Overnight Beer Tap Caps


Durable long lasting overnight beer caps for preventing fruit fly and keep yours fonts fresh. Pack of 10.

Bar Ready Hygiene Pack

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